15 Books I Read Over and Over Again

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In this age of digital readers, and online books, I still prefer my books on paper. I love returning to a book and seeing the creases, underlines, and highlights from previous reads. That physical memory a book can hold is irreplaceable by modern technology. I’m a big fan of the library, but if I’m going to read a book more than once, I need my own copy!

Here’s my list of the books I read over and over again. And it seems like every time I learn something new. Some are pretty standard fare for artists and entrepreneurs, but some are just fun and a little silly.

With the holidays coming up, it’s a great time to put some of these on your wishlist!

  1. The Prophet- Kahlil Gibran
  2. The Desire Map- Danielle LaPorte
  3. The Big Leap- Gay Hendricks
  4. The Alchemist- Paulo Coelho
  5. Start With Why- Simon Sinek
  6. Shakespeare Collected Works
  7. The War of Art- Steven Pressfield 
  8. Turning Pro- Steven Pressfield
  9. Joan In Her Own Words
  10. Big Magic- Elizabeth Gilbert
  11. And Then You Act- Anne Bogart
  12. The Collected Poems of Emily Dickinson
  13. I Want My Hat Back- Jonathan Klassen
  14. Illuminata- Marianne Williamson
  15. Harry Potter v.1-7 – J.K. Rowling

What are your stand-by books? Which books would you want on a desert island? What are the books you can’t imagine having never read?

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    1. Danny

      I know exactly how you feel! I prefer reading physical books instead of from e-readers. I always buy the books I’m going to read because I know there’s a 97% chance I’m going to like it and I’m going to want to keep it. Plus, I don’t have to worry too much about damaging a library book. I’m not rough with books, but sometimes things happen and a drop of ice cream winds up dropping in a book I’m reading. Whoops!

      I’ve been reading a book (or comic) practically everyday since 2007 and I can’t imagine not ever having a book with me. Sure I’ve got other hobbies, but a book is something people always see me with: whether with family, in a waiting room, at work, or anywhere else, I pass the time with reading.

      It’s rare for me to go back to a book to read it again. I’ll read it again if I REALLY like it. Like HARMONY by Project Itoh, GOTH by Otsuichi, CASINO ROYALE by Ian Fleming, and a number of graphic novels. Otherwise I read one and move on to the next, switching between novels and comics.

      It’s great meeting someone who’s passionate about reading!

      Enjoy your week!


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