5 Year Plan 2.0

We all have heard of the “five year plan”, you may even have one. The places you’ll be in five years. All the things you’ll accomplish. How high you’ll have climbed on the company ladder.

But I think we are thinking about this all wrong. Ever since my aunts were diagnosed with breast cancer, my perspective on life has changed. We aren’t aware of our mortality until we are faced with it, and usually it’s too late to really enjoy life.

So I propose a new five year plan.

What if you were told you only had five years left? You had five good years and then that was it. What are the first things that popped into your head? How would you truly want to spend that time?

The answers might surprise you. Mine did. There were things I never expected on there, and things I thought would be on the list that weren’t. Now that we have our lists, why don’t we live our lives like that? Let’s not wait until we only have five years left. You never really know anyways.

So make your list and make that your new five year plan.


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