Branding and “The Voice”

I love The Voice. I love that singers are chosen in blind auditions that focus on vocal skills rather than appearance. I love the coaches and the focus on mentorships. There are few shows that I actually watch as they air, and The Voice is one of them.

This is also because I get drawn to particular contestants. This season it was Sarah Simmons. In my opinion she had the best VOICE on the show. Her technical skills and emotional connection gave me goose bumps. I swore she was going to win. Either her or fellow team Adam member, Judith Hill.

But neither of them will win because they were voted off this week.

I have thought about this a lot, and to me it came down to a classic case of branding. We’ve all heard the term; we all need to know our “brand”. And however clich√© it is, it is true. Of course we need to experiment and push ourselves as artists, but there is a time and place to do that.

When you’re on The Voice and in the top 10, that is not the time nor place. At this point in the competition, the voting audience is wanting to know who that contestant will be as a recording artist. Blake’s team is doing so well because ¬†they all have a strong brand: they are country artists. You know what to expect and you just wait for them to hit the bullseye. Adam and Shakira kept giving their teams songs to push boundaries. Sure they all could sing the songs, but you came away not knowing who that artist really was. Perhaps a better time to experiment would be on deep tracks of their new record, or fun covers performed at concerts. When you are on the line for a network singing competition: stick to your brand.

Same goes with actors. In a way, this is my obligatory post on branding. We need to push ourselves in class and on stage, but when you are entering the market for tv/commercials/film, you need to know your brand. Otherwise people wont know what to do with you. Be consistent, and as Bonnie says, hit your bullseye.

Don’t get voted off. Be your brand when it counts.



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