Breast Cancer Awareness Month, 2013

breast-cancer-ribbon1As you may know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Much like the Race for the Cure, Breast Cancer Awareness month has taken on a new meaning for me since my aunts were diagnosed two years ago. They are thankfully both in remission, but one never shakes the taste of cancer.

Ladies: if you are of a certain age, or your doctor recommends it, get regular mammograms. This saved my aunts’ lives. Also, do monthly checks at home. You know what? You just feel up those girls whenever you want! It helps with circulation and you may notice any abnormalities (and it might feel nice).


Fellas: There is a small risk for you too in the breast cancer area. Check your pecks. Any lumps or discomfort? Get it checked out! Also, if your lady is really bad about keeping regular check ups with her doc, gently remind her. Cancer affects everyone, even those without the diagnosis.

You may be thinking, yeah yeah, breast cancer breast cancer… But seriously people, this shit is no joke. This is one of my favorite photographic representations of a very human experience.¬†Get the tissues ready. You have been warned.

In addition to mammograms and self exams, there are so many more things you can do to lower your risk. Cut back on alcohol. Eat lots of greens. Exercise. STOP SMOKING. Stay away from soy products. Right now I’m digging on the Crazy Sexy Diet book, written by a cancer survivor.

Not get out there and SAVE THE TATAS!


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