Pema Chodron: Touch and Let Go

Touch and let go. This has been one of the many important lessons I have learned from Pema Chodron in the last few weeks.

My Pocket Pema!

My Pocket Pema!

Pema Chodron’s name has been passed around by my longtime acting coach, and members of my acting tribe here in Seattle for a while. She is a Buddhist nun and gives wonderful insights into meditation and finding peace. I highly recommend her audio books, which are really more like talks. Through the audio books you gain a deeper connection than just reading the words on the page (though, I highly recommend that too!) Meditation and dharma can be very overwhelming and boring at times, but Pema is so funny and warm, everything becomes accessible. I will listen while I make dinner and do dishes (something I hate). It is so relaxing to hear her voice that I actually cook now!

As actors we can live with such negativity in our minds and hearts all of the time. I know I have had a negative sound track going in my head the last few weeks. But if we acknowledge the things in our business, and in our lives, that are “sticky” to us as Pema says, we can get closer to letting them go. Say it’s that show you really wanted, or that the phone hasn’t rang in months for an audition, whatever it is, just touch it and let it go. Say “hello” to that thing that hooks you and then let it go. If we acknowledge it and actively let it go, it can’t stay and fester.

If you are a human being, please check out Pema Chodron’s teachings. In the meantime, touch and let go.


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