“Royal Garden” with Dawndra Budd

I have the great good fortune to have so many talented friends. The first time I met photographer Dawndra Budd was on the Revelation set. She later shot our Reveal All photos for the film, and that was when I really fell in love with her. Her photos are so honest and artful. I have started calling her the “Annie Liebovitz of Seattle”. In addition to her whimsical portraits, she has done some really impressive work for Homeless in Seattle, which brings a true look into the eyes of homeless persons in the city.

In December we finally found a time in our crazy schedules to meet for some photos. Dawndra sent me an inspiration image and we went from there. It is so fun to start with an idea and see where it goes! We played with classic European fairy tales and the theme of a princess being cast out of her kingdom, to then find comfort in the flora and fauna around her. (I also finally had the chance to use these awesome fake lashes my friend, The Geeky Hostess, gave me for my birthday.)

As we went through different poses and costumes, I insisted that Dawndra’s dog, Bruce, join me. He had been sitting and watching patiently the whole time, and he is one of the handsomest models I have ever worked with!

Please enjoy the photos and leave a comment with your favorite one!













Photo by Dawndra 12 9 11 2 13 bruce


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