Stop Doing List

Photo by Lisa Squared Photographing

Photo by Lisa Squared Photographing

I love getting emails from entrepreneur, life-coach, and general High Priestess Danielle LaPorte. Today she sent one that hit me in the feels. It was about a Stop Doing list. As she said,

“What you stop doing is just as important as the things you start doing.”

I have been so focused these last couple months on the things I can start doing, or continue doing, that I haven’t taken time to prune away the things I do that aren’t serving me. As I haven’t been¬†able to see the forest for the trees lately, I promptly sat down and made my list. Here she be:

Stop Doing List


Like many actors, I have been taking other people’s opinions and perceptions of me and my talent as gospel. As you can imagine, I haven’t been feeling that great about myself and my skill as an actor.

But what if I just stopped doing that? 

Something tells me I would feel a lot better.

What would be on your Stop Doing List? I’m gonna try mine out for a while.


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