The BE$T Advice I Can Give An Actor

That’s right. The BEST advice. Are you ready for it?



See a financial planner.

Stay with me here. This isn’t something you would read in an acting book, or hear in acting class, but it is one of THE MOST important things you can do as an actor. Really, it is the most important thing anyone can do.

But why would I spend money for someone to tell me how to spend my money? I don’t even have any money! I’m and actor, right? Yes. I know. Trust me I know. As an actor you never know where your next paycheck is coming from. So many of us live paycheck to paycheck. The whole country is doing the same thing.

We all need to collectively take responsibility for our financial health. Hopefully that can keep us out of another financial mess like we are in right now. Even though you might not be rolling in the dough, make what you do have work for you. Learn how to budget, plan, and most importantly, SAVE.

My good friend Verhanika has just started her own financial planning business and I met with her to talk about retirement planning. I’m in my twenties and have no plans of retiring anytime soon, but the earlier you plan, the more you have to play with. She asked me about how I envision my retirement, what my assets look like right now, and what my expenses are. After she got all the info, she suggested different ways I could invest and save so that I can do a little bit now and will have a comfortable life when I do retire. I left feeling so confident and grown up, that even though I don’t make a ton, I can support myself in my old age.

She also has services to help you create a budget, a trip savings plan, or even have a comprehensive plan to cover everything (great gift for college grads!). If you have a tenuous relationship with money, get some professional help, it is something you will thank yourself for down the line!

Do yourself a favor, and start planning now!


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