The Evil Queen

When thinking about what Dawndra and I could do at our next shoot, I remembered our Royal Garden photos from two years ago. The character in those was a Good Princess who was loved by all and had a special affinity with flora and fauna.

I figured it was about time to give her an Evil Queen.

Here’s her story:
She’s never liked her stepdaughter, but puts up with her for her husband’s sake. But when she sees the girl picking apples from her family’s ancient tree, she’s done playing nice. Using an apple from the same tree, with the help of the juice of some malevolent grapes, she plans on helping the princess sleep for a very long time. Cloaked in a dark hood and aided by night, she finds the girl and offers her the most beautiful apple she’s ever seen.

All photos copyright Dawndra Budd and may not be reused without permission.



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