After recently rebranding, I still wanted to continue paying homage to my favorite screen stars. You may recall my Chaplin shoot with Michelle Moore a few years ago. This time I called on my dear friend John Ulman to help me bring to life my next screen legend.

I have always adored Audrey Hepburn and felt a sort of kinship with her. We are both slightly built and play wide eyed dreamers. Unlike the Chaplin shoot, where I just dressed as him and we took a lot of pictures with me doing Chaplin-like things, this time I wanted to actually recreate famous pictures of Ms. Hepburn.

When we started shooting we found that it was hard to make me look like Audrey. The angles of our faces are very different. Naturally, we shot a lot more photos then you see here, but they just didn’t look like Audrey. It took us a while to find her.

Also, I am in awe of the grace that woman had. It isn’t something you can act (trust me I tried! I’m too much of a dork!); it is something that oozed out of her pores. She was truly one of  a kind.

John is pretty amazing as a headshot photographer, but he was a rockstar setting up these shots. Seriously, if you have a vision, call the man, he can make it happen.

What is your favorite Audrey moment?



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