This time last year, my mom’s two sisters were undergoing double mastectomies in an effort to fight their lobular breast cancer. They were diagnosed within a week of each other, both with pretty aggressive cancers. But they were detected early, and this I’m sure, made all of the difference.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I would like to remind all of the ladies out there to perform regular self-checks, and if you are over forty (or at a higher risk for breast cancer) to get annual mammograms. We are used to seeing pink ribbons everywhere, but when someone you love is actually battling the disease, they hold a new meaning.

Just writing this brings tears to my eyes because both my aunts fought a long and hard battle, and both are in remission. Last year before they started chemo, I shaved my head in solidarity while family friend Theresa took my picture. It was terrifying to make that first swipe of the clippers, but nothing compared to what women go through everyday to combat this terrible illness.

Please take care of yourselves- perform self checks, get mammograms, stop smoking, limit alcohol consumption, eat fresh foods, exercise regularly. Cancer is blind to whom it affects, but the more you can lower your risk factors, the better.

Here are the photos that were taken one year ago. #BEBREASTCANCERAWARE

#BEBREASTCANCERAWARE Campaign- Photo by Aubin Ahrens Photography

#BEBREASTCANCERAWARE Campaign- Photo by Aubin Ahrens Photography

#BEBREASTCANCERAWARE Campaign- Photo by Aubin Ahrens Photography



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