This year has been an interesting one. I’m sure they always are, but this one especially. You see, I am a list-maker. A goal-setter. A hurdle-jumper. I had a list of many things I was going to achieve and dates for when I was going to have achieved them.

But these many things have taken much longer to do. For example, my film For Patrick was supposed to be on the interwebs in May. It is actually going to be mid August when that goal is achieved. The film Revelations was supposed to be live this summer. We are now looking at an October release. These are just a couple of examples of things that seem to have been slowing me down.

I have felt like, had these projects been done, I would have achieved even more. Though I don’t know what, exactly. But just, MORE. Though it has been a struggle to wait these projects out, I have had time to think and process my frustration and anxiety. I have had time and space to be with my family during a difficult time. There have been other things that have popped up that have benefited from my “slow” period. I have seemingly adjusted to this speed.

Then I was suddenly presented with the opportunity to go to LA to the Hollyshorts Film Fest where In the Pines will be screening. With only a couple weeks, I needed to book airfare, rental cars, get a festival pass, and find housing. Stressful. FAST. But somehow airfare was super cheap, my best friend needed a house sitter, and the acting coach of my dreams had an open appointment.

I guess what I am saying is sometimes things are SLOW and sometimes they are FAST. You have to be prepared to accept life and any speed. It may be uncomfortable, but when opportunity knocks you have to open the door, you never know what is going to be on the other side. And sometimes it is worth the wait.


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