Continuing our Screen Icons series, John and I decided to take on one of the best comediennes the world has ever known: Lucille Ball.

She was a comedic genius who didn’t take herself very seriously, but cared deeply about those she loved.
What an incredible human being. Lucille revolutionized television and comedy as we know it. Here are some fast facts about this amazing woman:

-She started out as a dress model in New York before going out to Hollywood to be a contract player.
-She and Desi Arnaz pioneered the three camera system for sitcoms, saving time and money.
-She was the first female head of a studio.
-She started the day-care on the Paramount lot so her favorite writer could continue working on the show and have her new baby cared for.
-Lucille Ball is her real name, not a stage name like many assumed.

I highly recommend reading her autobiography, Love, Lucy, to learn more about her and her colorful life.

I haven’t felt as at home with any of these women, as I did with Lucille Ball, and John and Emily did amazing work. Please enjoy the photos below.

Photos and editing by John Ulman, Hair and Makeup by Emily Oliver.JessicaMartin_LucilleGrace_2015-076-Edit JessicaMartin_LucilleGrace_2015-089-Edit JessicaMartin_LucilleGrace_2015-095-Edit JessicaMartin_LucilleGrace_2015-103-Edit-Red

Oh, and don’t forget to watch the masterclass that is I Love Lucy!



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