My 10th Anniversary of Being a Professional Actor

This Fall marked my 10th Anniversary of being a professional actor.

That felt like kind of a big deal, so I decided to commemorate it.

It’s important to take the time to celebrate yourself and the work that you have done. We can take it for granted, but these are the things we struggle and hustle for. Celebrate whenever and wherever you can!

To get the party started, I went through and found all of my old production photos, headshots, photo shoots, and iPhone pics that represented the work I have done in the last decade.

I discovered a couple things:
  1. I had no idea how long this would actually take. Finding CDs of production photos, looking on my old computer that barely turns on, and scouring the internet for stragglers took me several days. To all creatives out there: keep a labeled folder on your desktop filled with labeled photos of your work. Add as they come in!
  2. I wasn’t prepared for how emotional this process would be. Missing all of the people I have worked with and have never seen again. Reminiscing on each project and the amazing roles I’ve gotten to play. And mourning those who we have lost but are immortalized in these pictures.

Once I gathered all of my memories, I spent quite some time on Artifact Uprising creating a hardback photo book. It’s great website and it made the process very easy considering how tedious organizing one hundred pages of images is! If you are wanting to making any sort of photo book, I highly recommend A+U.

I’m so happy to have a physical record of the last ten years of my life. Something that I can pull from the shelf and hold in my hands. Something to remind me of my good luck and hard work.

We will see what the next ten years bring, but I am thankful for my first ten and everything they gave me.


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