San Jose

I’ve been in San Jose for about three weeks now performing Double Indemnity at the San Jose Rep. Regional jobs are always fun and challenging. Not only are you discovering your character and the play, you are discovering a whole new place! My first professional acting job was a regional gig, so they have a special place in my heart. Of course you get homesick, but soon enough you realize that you consider this new place as “home”. Ah, the life of a gypsy.

It is always interesting to return to a character after a long time off. Of course you will have changed during that time, but the character also changes. Getting back into Lola here, I realized she is a different person. She’s more grounded, organic, and dare I say, sexual. Of course these have always been aspects of her character, but for whatever reason they weren’t as apparent during our run in Seattle. I was actually kind of surprised by it, but that’s how she wants to roll, so that’s how I’m going to play it. It still amazes me how characters are real people and you just get to be in their company for a while.

I already knew the show coming here but I had never been to San Jose before and I wasn’t sure what to expect of it as a city. I was pleasantly surprised by it and all it has to offer. Granted I have been spending most of my time in the theater, I’m excited to get out and explore more. I always try to go the the art museum in every city in which I work. You can tell a lot about a city by the museums. But I digress… here are some pictures I took on a walk through town before rehearsal:

The Theater! The San Jose Rep. Where the magic happens.

Original Joe’s. A local hot spot. I need to go get some lasagna here.

An awesome mural wall. I love his expression. I wanna give him a hug.

Beautiful roses from the flower seller across from the theater. My favorites.

What?! Koalas in the trees!! Ridiculously awesome street art.

More street art. This one is on one of the doors at the theater. It is so evocative to me, it breaks my heart every time I pass by.

There is so much to take in and inevitably you kick yourself for not having experienced everything. Sometimes it’s just nice to go to the theater and come back to the apartment without having to worry about everything else at home. That and going out for quesadillas. This place around the corner is amazing. I may never leave.


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