Twiggy: A Mod Photo Shoot

I’ve always been drawn to the fun and classic style of the Mod. And who personified Mod fashion more that Twiggy? Her gamine eyes and slight figure disrupted the modeling industry and continues to influence fashion today.

A couple months ago I had a tiny window of time available while I was in Seattle, so naturally I asked John and Emily if they could play for a couple hours. It had been almost a year since our Underworld shoot, and I missed them dearly. Thankfully they were both available and jumped right in. Armed with our inspiration images, we had one of the most fun (and fast!) sessions we’ve ever had.

In my research for the shoot, I found a lightness and quirkiness to the photos back then. A sense of fun without being self aware. Something that our IG obsessed culture seems to have lost long ago. I loved the sense of freedom and joie de vivre Twiggy always expressed. But however light and cute the photos were, she always made you feel like there was someone looking back at you.

Emily did an amazing job using purples, pinks, a nude lip and lots of fake lashes to perfectly recreate the 60s makeup look. She and I were able to include jewelry from our grandmas and great grandmas, so that was a special personal touch to the looks.

Also, Pro tip: always keep your eyes open for props and costumes! I found the yellow umbrella in the trunk of Emily’s car and knew we had to use it. You never know where you will find inspiration!

John, of course, is a master at shaping light and had the studio and colorful backdrops ready to go.

We had a great time, and I think the photos reflect that. Enjoy!





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