Underworld Excited: Photos Inspired by the Movies

Few people know this, but my bestie and I are obsessed with the Underworld series.

It all started when we were roommates after college. We were choosing a movie to watch on a Friday night (you can only watch Titanic so many times) and Em said, “Have you seen… Underworld?” I was skeptical, but I trusted her because she’s my bestie.

We have now seen every movie (multiple times) and hyperventilate at the thought of Underworld: Blood Wars coming out. Since the first time we watched the film many moons ago, we have wanted to do an Underworld inspired photo shoot. The lavish jewelry and sumptuous dresses (we’re looking at you, Elder Amelia)-

We were ready for our turn to lurk in the shadows.

This summer, we decided we had waited long enough. One quick email to John Ulman later, we were in business. We were lucky enough to shoot at the incredible Seattle Immersive Theater space, which as you can see, lent perfectly to the world of the immortal.

Maybe next time Kate Beckinsale will pop by…

Photography and editing by John Ulman. Hair and makeup by Emily Oliver. On Emily: Jill Jill Stewart for Rent the Runway, Chloe+Isabel necklace and rings, inquire for details. On Jess: Badgley Mischka for Rent the Runway, Ciner earrings, Chloe+Isabel bracelet and rings, inquire for details.

Photos may not be used without permission.

Underworld Underworld Underworld Underworld UnderworldUnderworld Underworld Underworld Underworld

I am so grateful that I have a best friend who loves to be silly and creative with me (and can smize with the best of them). And for John who always says yes to our crazy ideas.

As you can see, this was well before I donated my hair and went red. It was great to memorialize my long locks before they went off to benefit someone else.

What do you think? Would Selene approve? Can we join the coven?

And what should we do next?



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