When Your Website Needs an Upgrade

Welcome to my new website! I am so excited to introduce my new digital homestead.

After renovating my old site by myself (may it rest in peace), I just wasn’t happy with how it came out. Turns out the Home Depot approach isn’t always the best when it comes to your website. I’m a pretty smart cookie, but my expertise certainly does not lie in web design.

So I decided to bring in the big guns.

On one of my late night Pinterest wanderings, I stumbled upon a website designed by White Oak Creative.  I then proceeded to visit the White Oak site almost daily for several months. Everything was so sleek and clean and… everything that my previous site was not.

I realized that if I was going to have a website, it needed to be one I was proud of.

When Lindsay announced she was booking clients for 2016 back in January, I jumped on the opportunity. Lindsay was a dream to work with and I now have a site that I’m in love with that can do all of the things I need it to do.

Website Upgrade Mood board for Jessica Erin Martin's official website

The moodboard Lindsay created for jessicaerinmartin.com, featuring blush pink and soft textures.

Also, I’m starting up the blog again.

Four years ago I challenged myself to write a blog post every week. It was something I really came to enjoy, but after the 52 weeks were up I stopped posting as much, and then not at all. When reflecting upon all the things that bring me joy, I realized that I needed to recommit to the blog.

So, dear reader, every Wednesday I will post here on the blog. The posts will revolve around advice for actors and filmmakers, as well as updates on my own projects. I hope to bring value to other artists, and hopefully save you some of the legwork that I’ve already done. There will be resource guides and challenges (if you choose to accept them). The blog archives are also here for you to explore.

Please check out the new video gallery where you can find clips, shorts, and reels. The photo gallery where you can find Screen Icons, collaborations with Dawndra Budd, theatre stills, and more. And there’s now a Shop, where you can currently find audiobooks which I have narrated or produced, as well as my top book referrals for artists. Stay tuned, as there will be more items coming to the Shop in the next few months.

This is my new online home and I hope you will leave here entertained, informed, and delighted.

Thank you for coming, and ya’ll come back now.




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