Woodland Elf

Sometimes you just gotta dig out your prosthetic elf ears and go to the forest for a photo shoot.

Continuing our theme of whimsical ladies, Dawndra and I went with what could be considered a more traditional role playing character. I’ve never done any role playing or ren faires, but this might make me reconsider!

As always, Dawndra and I had a great time shooting together… except for navigating the spiderwebs that were EVERYWHERE. And most of the time, the owner was home… Yes, there were some girly screams happening!

(Also, I’m allergic to adhesives so I had a rash on my ears for days after this. Whoops!)

Check out the photos below, and share your favorite in the comments!

Elf at twilight

Elf at twilight

Make a Wish Elf

Make a Wish

Forest Meditation

Forest Meditation

Sleepy Elf

Sleepy Elf

The Watcher of the Forest Elf

The Watcher of the Forest

Elf looking through branches

What Branches May Tell

Elf and the Power of the Forest

the Power of the Forest


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